Porter & Chester AutoCAD

This is about the AutoCAD course only. I attended Porter and Chester in Chicopee Ma. from 4/2011 to 4/2012 for Architectural Computer Aided Drafting and earned the certificate. This was to be a career shift from over 11 years as a web/multimedia designer/developer.

Term Grades: April: 94.61, July: 95.03, Nov: 94.56 and Jan: 93.84. Attendance was good, projects were completed on time and all were signed off on, not just the few required to pass the course.

Grades and CAD work can be seen at: laxemedia.com/grades.html

Six months after graduating I have no job prospects. Poor job placement assistance is definitely a problem. I had hoped P&C had useful connections with businesses that consider hiring entry level graduates. I guess not. Sorry Charlie, temp agency bots don’t qualify as connections.

In the real world a two year engineering or architectural degree trumps a one year Porter & Chester AutoCAD certificate, contrary to what is preached. Some “graduates” decide to pursue a college degree after dumping 20k on a certificate when their initial job hunt fails. That makes no sense unless you’re gaming the system or have mommy and daddy footing the bill for a reliving of the old high school days. Maybe adult classes are needed to help separate the grown-ups from the kiddies.

I went to Porter & Chester hoping to catch a break but it looks like I caught nothing more than a 20k loan deferment, a bad credit rating and a headache. Bear in mind that some employers do a credit check and will make hiring decisions based upon a bad credit report, the lack of a formal education or degree.

By the way, I never did get that job interview at the Dennis Group that I was specifically told I would get. Just passing it along.


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