Porter & Chester Dental Assisting

Currently in the dental assistant program and I could say that I am extremely unsatisfied with this program. When you sign up they tell you that it’s all hands on…. Lie Lie Lie. All they really care about is there money and getting students to sign up, could care less about their students and their education. Instructors are rude, staff is rude, very unstructured. They treat you like your in high school, when you’re in college. I would never recommend this program to anybody. Stay away from this school.

Example: I was pulled out of class in front of everybody because of a late payment, they told me I was being dismissed. Being so I am on my last week of classes before I graduate I made the payment so I returned the next day, but they made me leave the day they pulled me out of class. In front of everyone. How inconsiderate is that. They don’t know whats going on in peoples private lives. Me and another girl in my class got sent home on the same day. Literally pathetic. If I wasn’t so close to graduating I would’ve left and never came back.


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