My Porter and Chester Review

I don’t know why everyone complains about this school. I get so much done during my day at PCI. We talk about how to get married, how to get laid, how to suck dick, homos, pedophiles, rapists, world problems, racial profiling, entertainment, and just utter nonsense.

I’ve seen people just leave because they been shocked from what we do all day instead of what were supposed to do. Some gay guy driving a smart car left because he was insulted by everyone’s comments.

We haven’t learned anything since we’ve come here and I’ve been here almost the entire time required. Every employee here is full of crap. They treat you like royalty when you’re about to sign your life away to Porter and Chester, but after that they couldn’t care less about you.

The people from career services don’t help us at all. They just copy and paste your name on the same resume….how helpful. The school also guarantees that 95% of the grads have gotten jobs….most likely at McDonald’s.

So as I only touch the surface of this topic just do yourself a favor and don’t come to this school. You’ll have a better future if you sell your body on the streets.

PCI can eat my shorts..

3 thoughts on “My Porter and Chester Review

  1. I worked at Porter & Chester Institute full-time (Less than a year)

    Pros: Pay is decent for entry-level employees.

    – awful benefits
    – no training for new employees
    – condescending middle management
    *** selling an overpriced for-profit education to low-IQ students is depressing ***
    – poor hours and work/life balance
    – job description changes once you start working
    – expected to drive to an unimportant job in blizzard conditions

    Advice to Management: Train your new employees properly instead of ignoring them. Don’t hire crazy people to manage your staff.

  2. Check Your Options

    I went to Porter & Chester many years ago and have since found out I could have received a better education and still have come away with the Certificate I worked for for less then $2000 whereas here at the time because I was not eligible for any financial aid except for loans which started out at almost $10,000, and now because of many hardships and inability to pay loans, with interest I now owe almost $20,000.

    All for a course that had I done more research and attended a different school I could have paid about 90 percent less at a Community College. Make sure you check ALL options, and realize this school (if you want to call it that) is NOT the best choice.

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